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Game 154: Twins @ Tigers

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Seasons used to wrap today. Betcha Royals/Cards fans wish they still did.

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Arm not tired; this doesn't hurt a bit.
Arm not tired; this doesn't hurt a bit.
Andy King/Getty Images
Time: 6:10 (00:10 GMT.) Vegas Line: -120 MIN / DET +110
Weather: Cloudy, Game Temp Around 60
Opponent SB Site: Bless You Boys (lotsa people like it!)
TV: FSN. Radio: Satanic Motown Music Is Corrupting Our Kids

Who'll take a rotation? Ailing, every man? Fix all of its problems and deliver happy fans? The Duff-y Man can but it takes a lot of beer to make the Twins' hopes look good.

Alfredo Simon, who is not a musical-tone-memory game layered with cheese & marinara sauce (although BBRef lists his nickname as "Big Pasta"), pitches for Detroit. We'll see where he pitches next year. He was an All-Star in 2014. Not this season. Fastball, splitter, slider, curve; none working. Why do I fear they all work today? Digits:

ERA H/9 K/9 BB/9 HR/9 OPS v L/R BAbip FIP
Simon 5.21 9.9 5.9 3.5 1.3 .882 / .752 .303 4.92
Duffey 3.15 8.3 8.7 3.5 0.6 .734 / .623 .310 3.25

Dozier, Mauer, and Hunter have struggled against Simon; Plouffe and especially Suzuki rough him up. Duffey faced Detroit on 9/14, giving up seven hits and one run in 6.1 innings. Which is really 6.33333333333inf

Lineups, baby!

Colder 'n' Canada Very Near Canada
Brian Dozier, 2B Anthony Gose, CF
Joe Mauer, 1B Ian Kinsler, 2B
Miguel Sano, DH Miguel Cabrera, 1B
PLOUUUUFE, 3B Victor Martinez, DH
Eddie Rosario, LF J.D. Martinez, RF
Torii Hunter, RF Nick Castellanos, 3B
Aaron Hicks, CF James McCann, C
Kurt Suzuki, C Dixon Machado, SS
Eduardo Escobar, SS Bane Of Fien, LF