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Phil Hughes scratched, Tommy Milone to start

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Milone to step in on short notice.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Hughes, who was scheduled to start tonight's series opener versus the Indians in Cleveland, has been scratched due to illness. Tommy Milone will make the start.

Milone, who hasn't started since September 17 due to shoulder fatigue, will get his 22nd start of the season. The hope is that the extra time off will allow Milone to get through a few innings. His bullpen session over the weekend didn't come with any ill after effects, but by Molitor's admission something just didn't feel right. I have to think that any inning past the second or third today will be Milone living on borrowed time.

This news comes at the worst time. Every win for Minnesota is critical, and forcing the bullpen into another long day will obviously have a knock-on effect. Here's hoping Milone is up to the challenge, and here's hoping Hughes can come back in the next couple of days and put in his own start.

Dex will be back in a couple of hours with the game thread. We'll see you there.