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Tuesday Twins: Notes for the last week of the regular season

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"Aren't you impressed I kept this beard all season?"
"Aren't you impressed I kept this beard all season?"
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the late-morning edition of Tuesday Twins. Here are the links:

  • I watched last night's game with my Dad, who just kept saying, "I can't believe it. There is no one there. That stadium used to be sold out. There's no one there." Indeed, there were only 10,007 fans in attendance.
  • Brian Dozier and Mike Pelfrey have completed some rare statistically feats (oooohhh ahhhh).
  • Kurt Suzuki insists he's fine getting hit in the face-mask with foul balls and the like because there's "not much in there to rattle."
  • An actual quote a Detroit sportswriter made about Ron Gardenhire: "Nevermind the fact that the Twins only advanced in the post season once during Gardenhire’s tenure or the fact that the Twins sunk to the bottom of the AL Central standings as Joe Mauer declined from being a superstar catcher to being a light-hitting first baseman." Huh?
  • And I'll just drop this here.