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GameThread #1: Twins at Indians, Game 157

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Yesterday's rainout means we're playing two today.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 3:10 pm CST
Radio: GO 96.3 FM
Know Thine Enemy: Let's Go Tribe
After getting rained out yesterday, the Twins and Indians are set to play a doubleheader today. As Paul Molitor said, the team has to look at it as winning two games, which is a pretty bland yet still mildly humorous take on the doubleheader. The Indians chose to flip-flop their starters. having Carlos Carrasco pitch the afternoon game while Cody Anderson, originally yesterday's scheduled starter, now takes the nightcap. Carrasco finally put it all together last season and he's carried it over to this year, where he's been the second-best pitcher on the Indians roster behind Corey Kluber. As good as his 3.44 ERA has been, he's pitched even better than that by striking out nearly 30% of all batters faced and allowing only a .223 batting average. He will be a real test for the Twins this afternoon.
Meanwhile, the Twins will stick with righty Kyle Gibson, who has been the best pitcher all season for the team. As long as his sinker/slider combo is working, he should get a few strikeouts and keep the ball in the yard. This is going to be a bit tough facing Carrasco, but if the Twins can string together a few hits, they do have a chance of winning here.
Also, stay tuned as Game 2 will begin just a half-hour after the conclusion of Game 1.