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GameThread #2: Twins at Indians, Game 158

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A quick turnaround as the Tribe and Twins look to play another game today.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 30 min. after conclusion of Game 1
Radio: GO 96.3 FM
Know Thine Enemy: Let's Go Tribe
Having baseball all day isn't a bad idea, is it? The Twins and Indians are playing Game 2 of a traditional doubleheader, where the paying fans get treated to two games instead of needing tickets to each game. I suppose if the first game of this series on Monday drew just over 10,000 fans, the Indians don't mind having some stragglers hang out for over 6 hours of baseball.
Yesterday's scheduled starter Cody Anderson will be going for the Tribe, and he's put together a pretty solid rookie season. He hasn't struck out anyone and has been a huge beneficiary of batted ball luck as he's allowed only a .248 BABIP this season (league average is .296), driving down his ERA to 3.31. It would be great for the Twins if regression happens to hit him tonight and they see some balls drop in for hits off of him.
As for the Twins, they will be sticking with their originally scheduled starter in Mike Pelfrey. He's been the opposite of Anderson in that he's allowed a ton of hits, but he has an adequate ERA thanks to a propensity of inducing double plays. He's going to give up his hits, but he just needs to spread them out while he's pitching and also needs to continue his trend of avoiding extra base hits to give the Twins a chance of winning.
Strikeouts are fascist. Pelfrey and Anderson are going to be very democratic tonight.