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Astros Blank Twins, 8-0

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Pelfrey had nothing.

Short version: Mike Pelfrey was bad again.  Collin McHugh escaped all jams. The Astros won 8-0.

Longer version: Joe Mauer got thrown out at home.  It didn't quite look like he got thrown out, even after review.  And that was the high point of the game, if you were a Twins fan.

Collin McHugh escaped whatever trouble the Twins threw his way, and Mike Pelfrey...well, shit.

Already down 3-0, Pelfrey's fourth inning was a perfect indictment of a whole bunch of things you want indicted, if you're so inclined.  Loading the bases with the first three batters (including a perfect Carlos Gomez single WITH A BAT FLIP), Pelfrey struck out the next two batters and got two strikes on the third batter, Hank Conger, before Conger drilled an oppo grand slam.  And there was your ballgame, and there is your Mike Pelfrey rollercoaster.

I really don't care to talk about this game much more.  It wasn't terribly fun to watch.

However, Texas lost, so the Twins remain 1.5 games back in the wild card race.  Let it go.  The snow never bothered you anyway.


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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.