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Royals 4, Twins 2: Gibson has amazing recovery but Twins fall short

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Kyle Gibson pitched an 8-inning complete game and saved the bullpen after a rocky start, but it wasn't enough.

"Just stop pitching crappy," Chris Hermann told Kyle Gibson, and he was like "Oh, ok."
"Just stop pitching crappy," Chris Hermann told Kyle Gibson, and he was like "Oh, ok."
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

At first, it looked like this was going to be a pretty dang crappy game for the Twins. By the time Kyle Gibson had thrown just eight pitches, the Royals had scored one run and would go on to score three more by the time the inning was over. It looked bad, and Logan Darnell started warming up in the bullpen for the Twins.

But then, suddenly, it was not so bad? Gibson recovered and pitched a scoreless second inning. In the top of the third, Byron Buxton singled and stole second before A.J. Pierzynski could probably even run straight to second on a double. Brian Dozier singled to easily drive in Buxton, and Joe Mauer followed up with a lazy double to bring the Twins back into the game, down by only two runs.

That's about it. Seriously nothing else really happened, except Gibson did miraculously recover and pitch an 8-inning complete game without giving up another run. It was like watching Brad Radke or something.

Ok now let's watch The Late Show.


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Comment of the Game Thread


  • Kyle Gibson: Pitched an 8-inning complete game, allowing no runs after having a terrible 1st inning.


  • Trevor Plouffe: 0-for-4.