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2016 community prospect voting: rules and things to know

Jesse introduces one of Twinkie Town's most anticipated off-season features.

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We're getting a late start on our Twins prospect vote this year, so our schedule will be a bit more aggressive than it has in winters past. Round One will go up later today, and my goal is to finish up in time for opening day.

What is the Twinkie Town community prospect vote?

Our community prospect vote is exactly what it sounds like: we vote to determine the Top 30 prospects in the Minnesota Twins organization. One by one I present votes to you, with a number of players on the ballot. You vote, the ballot closes a day or two later, and we have our winner for that round. Those who don't win stay on the ballot, and stay there until they eventually win.

How is it determined which players are added to the ballot and when?

Before the voting even starts, I have players listed in tiers on a spreadsheet. This is how we control, to some extent, who gets placed where. As we go through the voting process I will eventually add more players to the ballot as others drop off due to winning a vote; sometimes I'll add one player, sometimes three or four, sometimes I'll add nobody. It all depends on where we are in the voting process, how many players are on the ballot from the previous round, and how many players are in the next tier on my fancy spreadsheet.

How can I take part and be involved in the process?

As members of our community, you're always welcome to suggest names of players you hope to see on the ballot soon. At the very least I'll usually take a look at the player, and will of course bump him up the chart a little bit if I agree with your assessment. Otherwise, I hope you'll come back to join us round after round.

Is there anything else I should know before we start?

  • You can find a full historical archive of our prospect vote results right here.
  • Winners of votes outside of the top few prospects will garner percentages that are a simple majority and not an absolute majority. I understand that some people will not be happy when a player wins a round with 32% of the vote, but that's the nature of the beast - the further down the list we go, the more likely we are to consider five or six players for a spot than we are three or four, which will be the case near the top of the list.
  • Interspersed throughout our vote-based posts will be Top 5 lists for each position. I won't post my own Top 30 list, but by posting a Top 5 by position you'll get an idea of how I would rank Twins prospects and use that to inform how you do or don't vote.