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Milone, Twins Avoid Arbitration, Agree to One-Year Deal

The deal is worth $4.5 million for the 2016 season.

Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images

Had a whole post lined up to highlight the lack of any actual Twins news, then the Twins went out and did something.  Thanks, Twins!

The club and Tommy Milone avoided arbitration on Thursday and agreed to a one-year, $4.5 million deal, per LaVelle.  He also notes that the Twins have until noon to reach pre-arbitration deals with Eduardo Escobar, Casey Fien, Kevin Jepsen, Eduardo Nunez, and Trevor Plouffe.  You have to figure the two players to watch here are the Good Ed and Plouffe.

Should anything happen, we'll let you know.


MOVE: Anthony Swarzak signs with the New York Yankees.

TANGENTIAL IMPACT: Swarzak used to pitch for the Twins!  He liked Bigfoot!  He hurt himself via a mysterious horseplay incident at TwinsFest!  He melted down at Jacque Jones on social media about the President!  He will probably become a lights-out reliever or effective #3 starter for the Yankees, because that's how things go!

MOVE: Alexei Ramirez signs with the San Diego Padres.

TANGENTIAL IMPACT: Ramirez used to play for the White Sox!  He was their starting shortstop forever!  Chicago plays the Twins a lot every year!  Now he's only gonna play against the Twins infrequently!

MOVE: Wilson Ramos avoids arbitration, signs deal with the Nationals.

TANGENTIAL IMPACT: Ramos used to catch for the Twins!  They traded him for Matt Capps!  Turns out they really fucked that one up!