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Twins avoid arbitration with Trevor Plouffe

Minnesota has now signed all of their arbitration-eligible players.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This morning the Twins announced that they had reached an agreement on a one-year deal with Trevor Plouffe, avoiding arbitration and ensuring that all arbitration-eligible players are under contract. Plouffe's one-year deal is for $7.25 million.

Plouffe had submitted a salary figure of $7.95 million and the Twins had countered with $7 million on the nose, meaning that the agreed deal is less than both the $7.475 million midway point and the $7.7 million estimated by Matt Schawtz's MLBTR projections.

Over the last two seasons Plouffe has amassed 6.1 fWAR, which makes him the 11th-most valuable third baseman in baseball over that period. He's rated as the 10th-best defensive player at the position, and with a strong walk rate (seventh-best 8.5%) and isolated power mark (eighth-best .178) he's a very solid player for Paul Molitor to plug into the lineup every day.

This is the third year that the incumbent third baseman is arbitration-eligible, but as a former Super 2 he'll be eligible for a fourth time after the season. It seems unlikely that the Twins will want to keep Miguel Sano away from his natural position for longer than necessary, however, which makes the idea of what-do-to-with-Trevor-Plouffe worth holding onto in the back of your mind as 2016 progresses.