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Twins 6, White Sox 0: Avoiding 104, I Guess

Minnesota wins behind Hector Santiago's pitchitude and Byron Buxton's buxomness.

Adam Eaton trying to escape.
Adam Eaton trying to escape.
Jon Durr/Getty Images

Interestingly, or not, after this game Hector Santiago did an interview on the radio. He said that when he came to Minnesota, the coaches tried to adjust his pitching style. The last seven games, he decided to basically ignore them (while saying "I appreciate what they're trying to do" in the interview, or some such). In those seven games, including tonight, he's allowed 15 runs -- six in his bad last start.

So, way to confuse the new GM, Hector!

Once-good pitcher James Shields, either injured or permanently ruined at age 34, was perfect his first time through Minnesota's lineup, and then his nightmare season continued. Jorge Polanco and Byron Buxton both launched two-run dongs in the successive innings. Hmm, maybe the youngsters are OK? Have fun, new GM!

Buxton also made a nice catch while trying to kill Max Kepler:

A foul ball terrified this young Twins fan, whose expression resembles the anti-Alfred E. Neuman: "hell, yes, I'm worried!"

MiguEl Sano showEd off his arm at third hErE.

In team news, Brian Dozier left in the seventh due to a sore leg, so he's done. Jose Berrios finishes the season tomorrow against Chris Sale at 2:10.

Thanks for putting up with me over two seasons, folks. Hope we'll meet again next year. I can't top lesscowbell's terrific signoff song, so here's some fun wallpaper I put on my phone. I also put this on my phone because I vastly distrust all electronic gizmos, but that's not baseball-related.

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