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The Five Longest Twins Home Runs In 2016

Sad about how the Twins did this year? Here’s some dingers.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There were a lot of bad things about the Twins this year. We’ve covered that already. One of the good things about this season was that the Twins hit 200 home runs (12th in MLB)! Here are the 5 longest round trippers the Twins managed to knock out in 2016, courtesy of ESPN’s home run tracker:

5. Byung Ho Park (445’)

4. Eduardo Escobar (448’)

Yes, I was surprised too. There isn’t an embed link for this, so here’s a description of what happened:

Escobar hit the Ian Kennedy pitch into the fountains in Kauffman stadium.

If that isn’t enough, here is just a plain old link to the video.

3. Miguel Sano (449’)

2. Brian Dozier (449’)

1. Byung Ho Park (466’)

PARK BANG. As Bert says, JI - JIM THOME would be proud of this blast.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.