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Tuesday Twins: Steinbrenner was pissed Twins-Yankees playoffs weren’t prime time

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees, Game 1
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Good day! Here are the links:

  • Tucked away in this story about the Cubs having the prime-time time slot for the playoffs this year is a little bit about late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner being pissed the Cubs got that slot over the Yankees and Twins in 2003. “I’m not happy,” Steinbrenner told reporters about having the game at 1 pm. The Yankees are the biggest draw in baseball and tied for the very best record. Who else should be in prime time?” I guess not the Twins. Sorry about that, George!
  • One Twins fan writes about his struggle to come to terms with the Cubs being successful.
  • With Miguel Sano moving from the outfield back to third, Trevor Plouffe faces a very uncertain off-season. What does Plouffe hope happens? “The No. 1 situation for me is to be back here. My family loves it here. I love it here. This really has turned into an extension of my family. My doors are all open, man. You know what I mean?” he told the Pioneer Press (but they always say that).
  • The Twins may suck, but it’s not stopping them from asking for $1 million to upgrade the lights at Target Field. In their defense, though, they want to upgrade to LED lights that will increase the stadium’s environmental sustainability.
  • At least one person doesn’t think the Twins will contend again before Joe Mauer retires. I guess I agree, since at this point, it sort of feels like the Twins won’t even contend again before I retire.