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Tuesday Twins: Which minor league teammates was David Ortiz chastising?

David Ortiz
Don’t. Make. David. Mad.

Howdy! Here are the links:

  • Apparently, back in the day when David Ortiz was playing in the Twins’ minor league system, he told a bunch of teammates who were harassing a female reporter interviewing him in the locker room to knock it off. I wonder who the culprits were? My money’s on AJ Pierzynski (because he’s AJ Pierzynski).
  • In case you were wondering, this happened sometime while David was playing for the old Twins triple-A affiliate in Salt Lake City. He played there three years, and here are the rosters: 1997, 1998, and 1999.
  • The Twins announced yesterday that they are going to play a football game at Target Field next year! Well, not the actual Twins, but the University of St. Thomas and Saint John’s University. It will be the first football game ever played at Target Field.
  • The Twins are also opening a restaurant at MSP Airport. It’s going to be called “Twins Grill”, feature a lot of Minnie and Paul shaking hands, and profits will go to the Twins! Maybe we can get a new pitcher.
  • Remember Alex Krillioff, the Twins’ 2016 first round draft pick? He was named Appalachian Player of the Year this year, and Today’s Kunckleball has a special piece on him.
  • You know how Majestic Athletic makes all of the MLB teams’ uniformed? Well, come 2020, Under Armour is going to start making them all instead.
  • The Twins are telling Elizabethton to upgrade their Rookie League baseball facility or they might move their team somewhere else.
  • Orlando’s Historic Preservation Board is considering creating a Tinker Field Memorial Plaza to commemorate the original spring training home of the Minnesota Twins.