Last Call! Last Call For Alcohol!!

A few weeks ago I posted a fun little idea for the community to come up with suggestions to create a Twins drinking game.

With the season winding down I was hoping to get this put up sooner but have been rather busy of late. I had plans to make a complete printable board game, but that will have to wait until next season. So I made a blank drinking game board that you can download the pdf file here and print out. You can either make up your own rules or follow the suggestions everyone came up with in the comment section here.

The current board game is blank and intended for you and a friend to play against each other while watching the Twins (or any other baseball game). Once you have your rules in place...follow along inning by inning. When anyone playing the game see's or hears something happen that is in your rules...that person who first calls it takes a drink and gets a 'run'. Or vise versa the person who spots a rule could get a point and make the other person's up to you. Keep score inning by inning and see who "wins" the game.

If you have more than 2 people just divide up into two teams and everyone on the team drinks when a rule is spotted. (or the other team drinks depending on which way you play)

For a slightly more 'mellow' game experience...use shot glasses on the bases and advance 1 base when you spot a rule, drinking only when you reach home plate.

There should be enough room on the side to write your rules down.

Have fun and drink responsibly. If you have any ideas for a more complete game please let me know.