The End


April 4, 2016. I remember it like it was yesterday. I'm always hyped for Opening Day, and I had planned on leaving work early to watch the Twins battle the Orioles.

Then the rains came. So, I stayed at work for awhile longer. The game started, and I got outta dodge. After two innings, the rains started again and the game ended up being delayed for more hours. When play finally resumed (with both starters knocked out of the game), the O's walked off the Twins in the bottom of the ninth.

A messy beginning to the season...and it didn't get any better from that point.

The Twins lost the next game.

Then the next.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

A week and a half into the season, and the Twins had dug themselves an 0-9 hole. Perhaps not statistically insurmountable, but psychologically it proved to be just that. Everything fell apart and it happened all at once. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, as you've all experienced it with me.

It's depressing to think that we started the season 0-9, ended it on a 4-12 run, and neither of those marks represented the low point (a 16-game losing streak will do that).

As I look back over the season, I'm still dumbfounded over how everything blew up in such spectacular fashion (especially considering the incredibly exciting 2015 campaign). The only three positives I saw from this season? Dozier, Kepler, and the firing of Terry Ryan. Everything else (coaching, pitching, youth development, etc.) is now called into question again.

Whenever a baseball season ends, I want to be sad (unless a World Series trophy is being hoisted, of course, but that is truly the only exception). I want to be sad because it means I was enjoying the ride. Sadly, right now I'm more relieved that the carnage is over and I can enjoy some quality playoff baseball. I hate that (being glad the Twins are done), but a 59-103 season does that to a person.

I know I'll be ready (more than ready, as always) for baseball to return next April, but for now I will honestly enjoy taking a breather from such a disgusting, depressing season and re-energize for the future.

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