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FanPost Friday: Decompressing after a terrible season

Casey Fien... a true 2016 Minnesota Twins team member.
Casey Fien... a true 2016 Minnesota Twins team member.
Andy King/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

Yes, it's back! This is the feature where I ask the Twinkie Town community a question on Friday (hence the name), you guys consider the question, write a fan post in response, and then we share your responses on the front page and/or an awesome recap on Monday.

You have to try it!

This week's question is...

How do you decompress after the worst Twins season of all time?

Apparently I decompress by not asking a FanPost Friday question for two or three weeksbut what have you been up to? Have you been watching the playoffs and adopting a new (better) team to root for? Have you totally given yourself over to the Vikings? Or the Wild? OR THE LYNX? Have you been spending more time with your family? Smelling the roses? Taken up a new hobby like base jumping because you now realize how short and painful life can be?

Share how you have been healing yourself (or not).