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Breakfast & Baseball: Twins rule, Cubs drool

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Cursed Chicago Cubs Baseball Destroyed
Here’s a picture of them blowing up the Steve Bartman ball. (If you don’t know who Steve Bartman is, Google it. Now.)
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Good morning, and happy Saturday! What are you having for breakfast this morning? I’m having macaroni and cheese with sriracha sauce.

It’s a good day because today there is actually baseball! Not Twins baseball, but still baseball. Speaking of baseball, here are some fun items to peruse as you eat whatever inferior breakfast you have to mac and cheese with sriracha sauce.

  • SB Nation made Grant Brisbee watch the inning from the Cubs-Marlins 2003 NLCS game with the Steve Bartman incident. It’s ugly... but it’s also not the Twins! Let’s laugh and enjoy it while we wait for the eventual 2016 Cubs meltdown.

  • In case you missed it: The bleep-ing Indians are going to the World Series, and no one will even tell us how much credit we can give the new incoming Twins’ Chief Baseball Officer, Derek Falvey, for all of this. (Hey—I’m working on it. Check back Monday!)

  • The Minnesota Twins Diamond Awards (which is what they call their annual team/region awards) winners came out this week, but I didn’t bother making a separate post about it because it’s basically “Brian Dozier, blah blah blah” and holy crap I still have a day job people BACK OFF.

  • The completely objective defensive statistics are in and—are you siting down for this? Byron Buxton is really good at defense. He even won the Jim Kaat Award for Defensive Excellence at the aforementioned Diamond Awards. Wowzas!

  • ESPN does “Ultimate Standings” for MLB that ranks all teams by all factors and all they can give the Twins now is, “Nice stadium, everything else is sucks.” Yeah? Well... I WILL TAKE IT! WOOT! TARGET FIELD RULES!