How I'm Decompressing

Terry Crews playing Battlefield 1, because why not. - Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The last year has been rough for me as a Twins fan. Here's some things I've been doing since the end of the year:

  • School - I'm currently a senior at SDSU. This year I'm working on my senior project (designing software) and other things. Heres something fun I've been working on:

It's a primitive version of an "asteroids" game we're making in my Game Programming class. I call it "Comet Survival" or something (maybe that's a working title).

  • Watching the Vikings: Regardless of the last game, this year's been pretty cool.
  • Playing video games, of course.
  • Netflix: Currently working on Arrow and trying to finish up a few others like House of Cards, House M.D, and I'm sure there's many others.
  • Writing for this place? I'm running out of things that I do.
  • Sleep.
So yeah, that's pretty much been me the last few weeks.