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Derek Falvey Officially Hired By Twins


Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
Not Derek Falvey.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

On Monday, the Twins announced that they (officially) hired Derek Falvey to be the chief baseball officer, and executive vice president. We kinda already knew this, but okay.

In 2016, Falvey worked as the assistant general manager for the Cleveland Indians, who won the AL Central. He had worked with the Indians for 9 years, rising through the ranks as an intern, to the scouting department, to co-director of baseball operations, and finally to assistant GM.

Falvey is replacing Terry Ryan, who was the executive vice president and general manager. He’ll likely hire someone under him to be the new GM.

He oversaw the development of the Indians pitching staff, a big reason why they won the division this year. He has been praised for his pitching analytics acumen, something the team could definitely use. The 2016 Twins had the second worst team ERA in baseball at 5.08, barely edging out the Diamondbacks at 5.09.

Falvey was also a pitcher in college, so maybe he could spare a few innings.

Falvey and company have some tough decisions coming up; every member of the Twins coaching staff (Guardado, Bruno, Allen...) have contracts that expire on October 30th. The only “sure thing” is Paul Molitor’s job.

What do you guys think? I mean we’ve already kinda known about this but now it’s official.