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Twins Offseason Whisperings

Dozier’s being traded! For Delmon Young! Man the lifeboats! No, this is just s**t people are saying.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
All but one of the players in this photo are now dead to us.
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Don’t you love rumors?

Jon Morosi, a staffer at, shared this gossip on Trump’s cabinet Brian Dozier’s trade danglies:

That’s it! I heard a guy who heard a guy. Of course, it prompted articles at and BleacherReport. Don’t bother looking. They’re of the "Some teams might be interested in Dozier, others might not" variety. (I mean, you can look if you want to, but you’ll be bored. I think.)

Also rapt with intrigue are the beat writers talking to new management. PP’s Last Reporter Standing, Mike Berardino, shared that while GM Thad Levine and CBO Derek Falvey have great appreciation for Dozier, they’re open to seeing what "the rest of the industry" thinks "as they evaluate him."

(Really, Levine? "The industry"? You don’t make airplanes. This is how you can tell Levine lived in LA, because that’s how movie people refer to their gig, and it’s really go***mn annoying.)

Berardino has some interesting anonymous quotes on what might be offered:

"You aren’t going to back up the truck for Dozier," the NL executive said. "It might make sense to try to trade him now, but nobody expects him to hit 40 homers again. You can count on him for 20 to 25, but that means you’d probably get two top-10 prospects for him. Or maybe a big-league arm and a prospect."

And, more blockquote!

"A lot of teams are receiving strong production at second base from either an established veteran or a cheaper alternative," the scout said. "You might be looking at a need-for-need deal, straight up with a big- market contender who can afford to deal a young starter for a veteran power bat."

A big-league arm? A young starter? Fascinating. Maybe.

On the Twins’ website, Rhett Bollinger confirms the Twins are looking at trades, with a goal of becoming competitive ASAP. The article contains several video interviews with Levine, that local legend Brandon watched so you don’t have to. Levine says the Twins ‘"will consider moving relievers to ‘jump start the rebuild.’" That’s pretty much Perkins.

(I watched that video, too. Levine says "the industry" again. Jeez, man ...)

In the Shadow Of The Sandcrawler Of Death, Phil Miller reminds us the Twins are active in free agency, focusing on veteran leadership:

"It’s a tall task to ask the manager to do that job and also motivate every single player in the clubhouse," Levine said of the need for players who understand the need for a positive atmosphere. "If you have some clubhouse ambassadors who are veteran leaders, you’re a step up on most teams."

OK, so what exactly does Molitor do?

Hey hey hey, that's your roster-y stuff for today. Last note: I guess I never made the connection before, but Bollinger’s footer says he "has covered the Twins for since 2011." WE FOUND THE JINX!

Please share your thoughts on the Twins moving Dozier, or Glen Perkins, or why you collect stuff that washes up on beaches.