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Tuesday Twins: Fired coaches and un-selected executives strangely not upset

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
They fired me? Cool!
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Howdy! Here are your links:

  • Jason McLeod spoke about his experience interviewing for the Twins’ new Chief Baseball Officer position, saying, “It was great.” McLeod, of course, did not actually get the job.
  • Butch Davis, on being fired via a phone call from Thad Levine: “The call was pleasant — very kind, very thoughtful.”
  • Tom Brunansky also seemed unphased by his firing. “We chatted for a little bit and I congratulated [Levine] on his new post. I wished him and everyone with the Twins the best,” Bruno said.
  • Paul Molitor said he’d be okay if the new Twins front office traded everything away and started over (side note: does anyone care about anything anymore!?!)
  • Jim Pohlad hasn’t really given Falvey and Levine an exact payroll limit for 2017, but he’s not looking to be too spendy either. "It's less of a hard-and-fast [maximum] figure, and more of, 'Here are some guidelines—if [an exception] makes a meaning long-term impact on our chance of winning, I'm listening.' " said Levine on Pohlad’s “Sure, whatever” instructions.