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Surprise! Saguaros going to the AFL championship game


2014 MLB Draft
One of these two plays for the Saguaros.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The excitement is palpable. The excitement is able to be palped.

Mitch Garver is hungry for another ring. (Yes this is his second stint in the AFL, and they won it all last time.) And also this John Curtiss tweet that would work even less in embed because he used emoticons or whatever the kids call them these days. The point is get hyped for a baseball game!

What a surprise.

The Minnesota MLB team didn’t make the anything this year, but the AFL team that features some of their prospects/kinda-prospects/warm bodies sure did. And that’s what really matters, yeah? Eat your heart out, World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Oh wait, you say their opponent in the championship game has Cubs prospects in it? Well then, eat your heart out American League Champion Cleveland Indians! Oh them too? Well, screw the Mesa Solar Sox then. Surprise is the underdog! (What the hell is a solar sock anyway? Like astronaut socks? Socks made of recently collapsed stars? I mean, somehow more-so than every single thing is made out of stardust? Complete Nonsense. Go to hell, Mesa Solar Sox.

The Surprise team features players from the Twins, Royals, Red Sox, Pirates and Rangers franchises, while the Mesa team features those from Cubs, Indians, Marlins, A’s and Blue Jays franchises. What kind of name for a town is “Mesa” anyway? There are tons of mesas around. It is flippin’ Arizona. I really hate you, Solar Sox.

You can watch the final game (which is a crazy best of 1 series.) Saturday at 2:08 PM on or the MLB network.

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