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Twins might go after that one player you want

That player you’d really like on the Twins might be there soon.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays v Minnesota Twins Photo by Scott A. Schneider/Getty Images

Rumors are flying around today that the Twins are showing interest in the player you really want them to acquire.

That player you want really does fill a need for the Twins, who are coming off of a disappointing 103 loss season.

While that one player you want the Twins to get would likely improve the team, it’s uncertain at this point if he’s worth the money. His position was a weak area for the Twins, who ranked in the bottom half of the league in wins above replacement (WAR) in 2016. The man you want on the Twins could help address this weak spot.

This rumor does bring into question the status of some players currently on the Twins roster, and we can only speculate on who will be moved to make room.

We’ll be keeping our eyes open here to see if the Twins can land that one player you’d really want.