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Best of the Jack Morris AMA: Everything you didn’t know you wanted to know

I laughed. I cried. I got really confused: The Jack Morris let Reddit users ask him anything story.

Braves v Twins
The Silver Fox, before he was the Silver Fox.
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

In case you missed it, last week was the 25th anniversary of the Twins winning the 1991 World Series. In case you really missed it, Jack Morris helped the Twins clinch that series with his brilliant 10-inning, complete-game-shutout pitching performance in Game 7. Of course, he won the series MVP award.

To honor the anniversary, Morris spent a whole 19 minutes on Reddit holding an Ask Me Anything session with baseball fans.

Sure, 19 minutes isn’t that long, but Morris still manged to drop several interesting tidbits I had never heard before.

Here are some of the most interesting exchanges that took place.

One Braves fan asked:

What would you say you remember the most out of [Game 7 from 1991]? Besides winning the World Series of course

Jack had a surprisingly Hrbek-ish answer:

Sharing a cold beverage in the laundry room after the game with at least a half dozen Braves.

Okay—that’s frickin’ awesome.

An apparent Yankee’s fan asked:

Chances of someone throwing 10 innings now is slim to none. What's your feeling on pitch counts and pitcher injuries?

Jack had quite an interesting answer to this one:

Pitch counts were designated to help to be more efficient. Max effort is a result of limiting pitches. There is a correlation between pitch counts and injuries.

Wait—what? Limiting pitches leads to more effort and more injuries? Honestly, I haven’t heard that theory before.

A Cubs fan, of all people, asked about Jack’s time pitching for the St. Paul Saints in his 1997 comeback attempt:

What was it like pitching for the St. Paul Saints in the Independent League after having accomplished so much in your MLB career? Was it weird pitching in such a lower-profile league?

Morris obliged with an answer:

It was like going full circle for me in baseball. It was like going back to the Minor Leagues for me.

Uh, Jack—that’s because it was the minor leagues...

Of course, someone inevitably asked:

Do you think Kent Hrbek pulled Ron Gant off the bag?

And, of course, Jack Morris inevitably answered:

Absolutely not!!!! Ron Gant overran the bag. I feel bad for all Atlanta fans.

Gant’s momentum took him off the bag. We all know that.

But the one exchange that absolutely killed me was this question:

What is your first baseball memory?

And this answer:

I remember when I was 6 years old I told my mom I was going to play in the big leagues and pitch for the Twins.

Yes, Jack. Yes you were.

You can read the rest of the questions and Jack’s answers here.

What did you find most interesting about the AMA?