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What Twins players have been up to so far this off-season

It’s the off-season. What have your favorite Twins been up to? Here’s a really surprisingly detailed breakdown.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The 2016 Twins season has been over for roughly over a month and a half now (thank god), and maybe you have already settled into your off-season lifestyle. But what have the players themselves been up to? If that’s the kind of thing you wonder about after a group of guys lose the most games in team history, you’re in luck!

Here’s a rundown of what various members of the Twins have been up to this off-season, as far as we’ve heard.

In no particular order:

Phil Hughes

Phil got married a week or two ago in Napa Valley, California! Big congrats to Phil and his new wife. His marriage party reportedly featured some really awesome views and food, documented for posterity by Twitter user and professional wedding attendee John Sharkman.

Phil also personally acknowledged the momentous occasion on his own Twitter account.

Eduardo Escobar

It was announced a little over a month ago that Eduardo won the Carl R. Pohlad Award for outstanding community service for the 2016 Twins’ Diamond Awards! The honor was bestowed upon Ed for his efforts sending humanitarian aid home to his troubled homeland of Venezuela. As you can see below, he’s still working hard at it and getting his teammates mobilized.

Eduardo is one heck of a guy!

Brian Dozier

Dozier took part in MLB’s Ambassador Tour to Taiwan in early November, and was very excited to do so.

He and his wife spent a week in Taiwan, and was reportedly very impressed with the experience. "It's amazing how popular MLB is over there," Dozier told "When Renee and I got off the flight, flying 15 hours or whatever it was, there were probably 100 people waiting for me at the terminal when I landed. Everywhere we went all over the city, it was so involved. I don't want to use the term loosely, but they seemed obsessed that a Major League Baseball player was over there. They love their baseball."

Dozier spent his time in Taiwan interacting with fans, and even worse his Twins uniform while walking around in public. He signed autographs, answered questions, and all that stuff typical of an MLB fan fest.

Trevor May

Trevor also got married the same weekend as Phil Hughes! What’s up with that? Anyway, congrats to Trevor and his bride as well.

He also frequently streams videos of himself playing video games and talking about things on his Twitch account, if you are into that sort of thing. May seems like one of the more accessible Twins via the internet.

Joe Mauer

Let’s be real: We don’t really know what Joe Mauer has been up to. After so many years in the spotlight, Joe likes to keep his private time private, and that’s fine. We do know, however, he attended Derek Falvey and Thad Levine’s press conference last week in the Cities. Falvey also said the two talked about getting lunch together and discussing the franchise.

“Everything I’ve been told about Joe—I don’t know him in great detail—incredible human being. Cares very much about the Minnesota Twins and the organization,” Falvey told the Pioneer Press. “I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to know him a little more this winter.”

Kurt Suzuki

Kurt in the only bonafide, major-league Twin who became a free agent immediately after this season. From the way people talk, it doesn’t sound likely that the Twins will bring him back. If that’s the case, aloha, Kurt.

Trevor Plouffe

As you have most likely heard by now, the Twins out-righted Trevor Plouffe and essentially made him a free agent. He left a video message thanking and saying goodbye to Twins fans on his Twitter account.

Other than that? Plouffe attended Phil Hughes’ wedding, but the new-ish father hasn’t been up to a whole lot else as far as we know.

Good luck in the future, Trevor!

Miguel Sano

Sano is back in his home state of the Dominican Republic, and he’s not happy MLB’s tentative plans to institute an international draft.

Kyle Gibson

Kyle has been trying to publicly raise money for relief efforts in Haiti, which suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Matthew in early October.

That’s pretty awesome, Kyle!

Glen Perkins

Along with recovering from this torn labrum, Glen has been battling the real life “Joe Hansons” of the world that Randball’s Stu is always talking about on Twitter.

Keep up the good fight, Glen.

Byung Ho Park

Park is back in his native South Korea rehabbing from his season-ending wrist surgery in August. He’s determined to come back and show he can compete in the majors. “He wants another shot to show what he can do,” a Twins official told the Pioneer Press. “He’s all in.”

Meanwhile, Park was also left off the South Korean roster for the WBC, presumably because he is still rehabbing that wrist.

Eddie Rosario

Eddie is still recovering from a fractured left thumb that he suffered trying to Punto-it into first base on September 17th. He’s been told his thumb will not require surgery, but still has a follow-up doctor’s visit scheduled for sometime soon.

Eddie has also been invited to play for his native Puerto Rico in the upcoming WBC, provided his thumb is healed in time.

Jose Berrios

The ever adorable Berrios has been staying adorable, vacationing with his family, cheering on his Puerto Rican friends in the MLB playoffs, and celebrating his mother’s 50th birthday.

Byron Buxton

Byron went to Disney World with his wife and son Brix.

He’s also been cheering on UGA football.

Jorge Polanco

Jorge, who isn’t very active on Twitter, made the social media jump into Instagram! He posted a fun video of him taking practice swings, presumably in his home of the Dominican Republic.

#godfirst #gettingready #havingfun

A video posted by Jorge Polanco (@jorge_polanco11) on

Danny Santana

Danny celebrated his 26th birthday on November 7th!

Other than that, there isn’t a lot about what he’s been up to, except this cryptic tweet about apparently enjoying wine.

It’s the off-season. You deserve it, Danny.

Pat Dean

Well, I have some bad news about Pat Dean (“Dat Pean”)—after being out-righted to AAA in mid-October, he elected free agency and is therefore no longer a Twin. The good news was that Pat did win the award for Best Dressed Twin in 2016.

Pat apparently also traveled to Bermuda to celebrate his anniversary with his wife.

The views here have been incredible #horseshoebay #bermuda @katedean88

A photo posted by Pat Dean (@imthedean15) on

Looks nice.

Hector Santiago

The new-ish Twin acquired in the Rickey Nolasco trade, Hector, has been busy participating in the Players Going Home program in Newark, NJ. Although of Puerto Rican heritage, Hector learned to play baseball in Newark, and spent time teaching instructional clinics to hundreds of kids this off-season.

You can watch a touching video here on the MLBPA website.

Hector’s high school also retired his jersey number in a special ceremony.

If you’re really interested in following Hector’s off-season doings, he appears to be very active on Instagram. He has many pictures from his time in NJ, but is apparently now back in Puerto Rico, where he is fishing.

Hector seems like a good guy. I’m excited to see what he can do for the Twins next season.

Kennys Vargas

Kennys is back playing winter ball in his native Puerto Rico, and unfortunately, hasn’t been too impressive so far. Baseball Reference doesn’t provided up-to-date stats on Puetro Rican ball, but according to Twins Daily, Kennys has hit .175/.283/.300 (.583) with two doubles and a homer in his forst 40 at-bats.

Tyler Duffey

Beyond tweeting some comments about this year’s amazing World Series, we don’t really know what Tyler Duffey has been up to.

Ryan O'Rourke

Ryan has been sending his off-season pitching down in Venezuela, where he is 1-1 with a 6.48 ERA and a 1.80 WHIP. Also, apparently, people keep stealing his pants.

Taylor Rodgers

Not much is known about his off-season doings, although he apparently made it field-side for a Broncos game.

Ervin Santana

Not a lot is known about Ervin’s off-season doings either. For the most part, he seems to be anxiously awaiting next season.

So, what have you been up to so far this off-season?