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Quiz: Twins starting catchers

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Now that the Twins have their next starting catcher, Jason Castro, under contract, it seemed like a good time to look back at all of those who have preceded him. For the purpose of this quiz, I defined a starting catcher as the catcher who started the most games behind the plate in any given year. With just 20 catchers fitting that bill in 56 seasons of play, the Twins have historically been relatively stable at the position.

You have four minutes to name as many of the 20 as you can. As a guide, I've included the year or years each catcher was the go-to guy. Only four were the starter for just one season, but three of those were around other years as the backup. Only last names are required, and capitalization is unnecessary. If you're unsure of how to spell a name, just give it your best try; I wrote a bunch of possible misspellings for each last name into the guts of the quiz. For example, if this quiz was about first basemen and you typed "Mornaeu", you would still get credit for "Morneau".

When commenting, please use the black-bar spoiler-proofing feature over relevant names just in case someone who wants to take the quiz accidentally skips straight to the comments section.