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Former Washington Senators pitching prospect dies at 90

Former Washington Senators pitching prospect, Fidel Castro, passes away at his home in Havana, Cuba.

Right-handed "Lefty?"
Right-handed "Lefty?"
unknown/public domain

"Comrade" Fidel Castro, was reported by Cuban news reports to have passed away at age 90 in his home in Havana, Cuba Friday. Mr. Castro, known as a "strong Lefty" was a pitching prospect for the Washington Senators in 1949 where scouts noted he had "lots of enthusiasm." He was reportedly offered a $5,000 signing bonus by the New York Giants, but turned it down to finish law school and fight U.S. "Yanqui Imperialism" instead.

Castro would go on to overthrow the corrupt, U.S. puppet Batista regime in 1959. In response and fearing a "commie revolt" so close to the nation's capitol, the U.S. moved the Washington Senators to the remote sub-tundra region of Minnesota in 1961, just prior to the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion.

It should be noted that some say that while Fidel Castro enjoyed playing and watching baseball, this was largely a planted rumor that was a product of Cold War disinformation campaigns or popular mythology and it never happened. Whatever, factophile nerds. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!