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Quiz: Twins pitchers with 15 losses in a season

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In the franchise's 56 seasons in Minnesota as the Twins, 19 pitchers have lost at least 15 games in a season one or more times for a total of 26 player-seasons. Of the 26, only six occurred during winning seasons by the team, and only two were during a winning season by the pitcher. One pitcher had both of those seasons, along with two of the five that resulted in a .500 record for the pitcher. I'm sure you've already figured out who that is, so now along with the guy pictured above, you only need to figure out the 17 other pitchers. You have four minutes to do so.

Only last names are needed. If you're not sure of how to spell one, just give it your best try and it will give you credit if you're even remotely close. Once you're done, there's a poll down there in which to log your score. Then, when commenting, please try to remember to use the spoiler bar feature to cover any relevant names.