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FanPost Friday: Your three off-season wishes

What three wishes would make you as happy as these guys?
What three wishes would make you as happy as these guys?
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

What is this? FanPost Friday is the thing where I ask you all, the good people of Twinkie Town, a question, you write a FanPost in response to the question, and then we share all of the best posts on the front page or in a recap on Monday. You can be as serious or not-serious as you want. It's fun!

This week, we're asking you...

If you rubbed a magic souvenir cup and a baseball genie granted you three baseball-related wishes for this off-season, what would you wish for and why?

Now remember: you can go anywhere you want with this. You can write about a dream trade, realistic or otherwise. You can write about addressing the Twins' three biggest needs. What are your three biggest wishes for the Twins' new front office? Tell us! Want to get the band back together? Me too! Maybe you wish Joe Mauer was ten years younger, or maybe your wishes might only be tangentially related to baseball. You can write about ice fishing with Kent Hrbek, lower ticket prices--heck, maybe your wish is just for your own suite at Target Field.

Let us know your three biggest wishes for this off-season and why. Start your FanPost now.