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Sunday Breakfast and Baseball

In which we cover some Twins tidbits.

News: Winter Weather
Don’t crowd the plow.
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Good morning and happy Sunday to you all. I don’t know where you live (I swear) but wherever it is, stay warm. It sure is cold here; as I write this it’s -22 degrees (American units), and supposed to drop another 10 degrees by this morning. At those temps, even without wind, frostbite occurs in about 30 minutes.

But this isn’t just a PSA about cold weather, I’ve got some Twins news to warm your hearts.

  • RHP Drew Rucinski has signed a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. He has a good story; undrafted out of college, latched on with the Angels and pitched pretty well for them in the minor leagues until he hit AAA. I wouldn’t really expect to see him much on the Twins this year, but maybe he’ll surprise me. If he does, it will almost certainly be as a relief pitcher.
  • OF J.B Shuck has also signed a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. He seems to be a 4th or maybe even 5th outfielder. He was a -1.8 bWAR player last year for the White Sox, but has had positive WAR seasons (yay?) in the past so I don’t know if he’s THAT bad. I basically see him as roster depth.
  • Nothing is imminent on the Brian Dozier trade front, says Darren Wolfson:
  • Per Mike Berardino, Eddie Rosario is going to start playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League this week. He’s recovering from a fractured thumb.

That’s about it for now. Nothing big but that’s kinda what happens in the off season. Who knows? Maybe J.B. Shuck is gonna get the game winning hit in the World Series this year. It could happen, and if it does you heard it here first!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!