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Tuesday Twins: Torii Hunter Jr. giving up football to play baseball

Stanford v Notre Dame
“Hmm... yeah, maybe I don’t want all these concussions after all.”
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

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  • Torii Hunter Jr. has decided to end his football career and pursue baseball instead. He will play in the Angels organization, which drafted and signed him earlier this year, after getting his degree from Notre Dame. He had more one year of eligibility to play college football at Notre Dame.
  • The only team we’ve heard in Brian Dozier trade rumors is the Dodgers, but ESPN 1500’s Derek Wetmore tried to guess three other teams who might be interested.
  • Looks like the Twins and Astros traded catchers, because old friend Juan Cenento is reportedly signed a deal with Houston.
  • People are already arguing that the Twins should pick high schooler Hunter Greene with their first overall pick in the 2017 MLB draft. Green is a right handed RHP/SS who can throw a fastball at 97 mph. He’s already committed to UCLA, but Mauer was committed to Florida State before the Twins drafted him first overall in 2001, and he still signed.
  • Jorge Polanco had been off to a slow start in winter ball, but seems to have turned things around.
  • There had been some questions, but the Twins have now signed a one-year extension to keep their rookie league team in Elizabethton. The Twins have been in Elizabethton for over 40 years, but are asking for upgrades to the current stadium.
  • The Twins released their schedule for the Winter Caravan leading up to TwinsFest at the end on January. Are they visiting a town near you? Are you going to go!?
  • In case you haven’t heard, legendary Twin Cities sportswriter Sid Hartman fell and broke his hip.