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What did you get and give this holiday season?

Did you get (or give) any cool baseball-related gifts this year? Come share!

Uh oh...
Maija Varda

Happy holidays, Twinkie Towners! I hope every had or is having a great season. If your family is anything like mine, this time of year generally involves an exchange of gifts, many of which are baseball related. Last year, for instance, my Mom gave me an action figure of Ichiro bunting. The year before that I got a Kevin Correia Twins shirsey.

This year, I wrote an entire post with gift suggestions for Twins fans, which included the following:

Minnesota Twins Toaster - $$

I’m putting this first on the list because I’ve been waiting for someone to buy me one of these for like five years. The concept is simple—it’s a Minnesota Twins branded toaster that burns a TC logo into the middle of your toast.

So good news: I finally got my wish! Bad news: I now own more toasters than one person needs.

I guess this is why you don’t publicly ask for things for Christmas...
Maija Varda

I’ll figure out what to do with my extra toasters at a later time, maybe somehow involving Twinkie Town. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, I also gave Twins gifts this year, including a Twins sweatshirt to my sister and a retro 1987 Twins Jacket to my mother. They seemed to be winners, but who knows—people generally like to act appreciative when you give them somethings.

So how about you? Did you receive any cool Twins-related gifts this year? Did you give any? What about just general baseball gifts in general? Do you have any other cool baseball-related traditions around the holidays? We usually watch Ken Burns Baseball and MLB Network around the clock.

Share below, and of course, happy holidays to everyone from us here at Twinkie Town!