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The best content from Twins Spring Training (so far)


This is old content, but there's new content below!
This is old content, but there's new content below!
J. Meric/Getty Images

Unless you're living under a goddamn rock, you know that pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training on Sunday and glorious, glorious Twins baseball is (sorta) back with us. Yay! But we're not the only ones excited: Baseball beat writers get pretty excited too, and the Twins writers are no exception. Finally, the writers and other media people have a mountain of sources in one place, making it easy to pump out that fresh, primo content.

And, oh, do they pump out that content.

With two days of pitcher and catcher practices under our belt, I rounded up some of the best content shared so far for you to see (assuming you haven't seen this already because you aren't on social media and/or have a real job).

The great Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press was the first writer out of the gate Monday morning with this tweet posted at 6:39 am:

Not only did Chad Allen technically report a week early to Ft. Myers, he might have been the first damn person there on the first day of practice. Chad is clearly also very excited about baseball. Way to go Chad!

A couple hours later,'s Rhett Bollinger posted this:

It's cool because it's in slow-motion.

Rhett posted one of Casey Fien too:


LEN3 noticed this glaring (er?) issue soon after arriving:

LEN3 was the only writer to report on this issue. There's a reason he was president of the BBWAA.

Mike Berardino reported on a bullpen session that apparently took place in a cave:

I'm just eating this all up.

On Tuesday morning, Joe Mauer was all smiles while autographing some stuff for some kids:


Here's a video of Byung-Ho jogging around the bases:

And here's a picture of LaTroy Hawkins:

If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.

But perhaps the oddest content I came across was this:

What the hell is even going on here? Yes, I know the weight bar itself can weigh like 40lbs... but really? That's like 60lbs total. That's like squatting two of my old cat. (Yes, my cat was fat as heck. Yes, she was on a measured diet. It didn't work. She was just the Kent Hrbek of cats.)

Maybe later in the season a slo-mo video of Glen Perkins throwing a bullpen session and dark shadows of players and structures won't be of interest, but right now? This is awesome.

Welcome (sorta) back, baseball. We missed you.