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Fun with anagrams: 2016 Minnesota Twins

Let's play a game.

Joe is anagram-less. But he wants to see how well you do anyway.
Joe is anagram-less. But he wants to see how well you do anyway.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know why people like Thursdays? It's because if today is Thursday, that means tomorrow is Friday, and Friday is the weekend. Thursday is like the day before the start of the weekend, and that's something worth looking forward to. And in that same spirit of nonsense, I thought it would be good to have a bit of fun this morning.

I've gone to the Internet Anagram Server and found anagrams for players on the Twins' 40-man roster. I've added punctuation and other bits and pieces for a little creative license, but the end result is the same: see if you can figure out which player fits which anagram.

Not all players are listed, just to keep you on your toes. Feel free to drop your answers in the comments, but if you want to do them on your own be sure to avoid the comments until you're finished...or stumped.

I've put them in alphabetical order, per anagram. Enjoy!

  1. A nap, Ted.
  2. A sad, tan nanny.
  3. Alias: Rod Waco
  4. Ani rents a van.
  5. Any random lay
  6. Aw...elk drama!
  7. Cannot like him
  8. Coed ruse abroad
  9. Effort up, lover!
  10. Elf yurt defy
  11. Elk pen rings
  12. Fiance...yes!
  14. Hank! Pub orgy?
  15. I adore Dorise.
  16. Inky globes
  17. Ken's pen jive
  18. Map, Johnny - hurry!
  19. More TV, Ray?
  20. Mr. Jaghar
  21. Nervy nags ask
  22. Nick, solo? Racy!
  23. No, I let my mom.
  24. Nun? A zero, dude.
  25. Poor jog, Lance.
  26. Re: Sly spy ran
  27. Satan looms, Mike.
  28. Shh...hug pile!
  29. Sorry, Dona Rai.
  30. Soul enigma
  31. Tiger monks
  32. Tragic, Josh!