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Twins Bring In Veteran Grove to Bolster Staff

The late Hall of Famer is expected to add depth to the team's bullpen.

Robert (Lefty) Grove
Robert (Lefty) Grove
Public Domain

The Minnesota Twins, who’ve been roundly criticized for their inactivity in free agency, have made a move towards bolstering their pitching, signing the late hurler and six-time All-Star Lefty Grove.

"We think Lefty brings a lot to the table in terms of leadership and versatility, and we couldn’t be happier that he’s on board," said Twins GM Terry Ryan.

Details of the contract were not immediately available, but it is believed that Grove, who died in 1975, is on a very team-friendly deal, and will be used in relief or as a spot starter if he makes the squad out of spring training.

"It doesn’t really matter how you use a guy like Grove," said Ryan.  "He’s a Hall of Famer.  Give him the ball in the first, the fifth, or the ninth, he’ll give it 110%."

Grove, whose given name is Robert, was unavailable for comment, as he is deceased.  His family says they are "mystified" as to why the Twins are doing this.

"Pawpaw has been dead for forty years," said Becca Farner, one of Grove’s great-granddaughters.  "Why are they doing this?  This makes no sense.  Is this a prank?"

The Twins say they are aware of Grove’s mortality, but Ryan said they are not concerned at this time.

"Molly (Twins manager Paul Molitor) was able to get us back on the right track last year, and it’s up to me to give him the help he needs to take us to the next level.  We got a slugger in Carlos Quentin, now we’ve got a former MVP in Lefty.  We think he’s another piece that can help us."