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Tuesday Twins: No hover boards in the clubhouse and y'all laugh too much too

"They're just too dangerous," said Paul Molitor.
"They're just too dangerous," said Paul Molitor.
Tristan Fewings/Getty Images


  • LaTroy Hawkins is in camp because Terry Ryan asked him to "just come hang out [and let's get the band back together]."
  • Speaking of the band, Torii Hunter is at camp teaching Miguel Sano how to play right field.
  • New Twins catcher John Ryan Stills Crosby Nash Murphy has impressed Paul Molitor with his transition to his new team.
  • Brian Dozier is not happy about the new rule allowing replays on the "neighborhood play" at second base.
  • Kenny Vargas, Danny Santana, and especially Oswaldo Arcia are under a lot of pressure to get their act together this spring. "It's up to them to come in and make my life difficult when it comes time for decision-making," Terry Ryan said.
  • Hell yeah, this picture of the FREAKING BAND BACK TOGETHER: