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Tuesday Twins: The band is just constantly trying to get back together

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Who do you think picked up the tab?
Who do you think picked up the tab?
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Here are today's links:

  • Asked what he thinks would have happened had he stayed with that old team a few more years, Ortiz said: "The Twins would’ve won another World Series."
  • Ervin Santana isn't mad about Miguel Sano overrunning a fly ball in the outfield last Sunday. At least not yet.
  • Old friend Aaron Hicks also returned to Hammond Stadium Sunday with the Yankees, and seemed really cheerful and upbeat about everything. ("I think it’s more [about] just having fun playing against your old teammates... It just makes it so much fun.")
  • Former Twin Anthony Swarzak, also now with the Yankees, pitched in Korea last year and had some nice things to say about Byung Ho Park. "There were other [pitchers] that got in there and didn’t really have the control, and he killed them," Swarzak told the Pioneer Press. "He actually killed them."
  • The Twins are moving Alex Meyer into the AAA rotation and ESPN 1500's Derek Wetmore thinks they are making a huge mistake.

  • In case you missed it, LaTroy Hawkins sat down with Jim Souhan and recorded a great 42 minute podcast. He talks about the good old times, when the band was together, and a lot of other things.