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The Upside Despite Being 0-7

Trust me, I really did find a silver lining.

Trevor May is leading the charge in an area where the Twins haven't performed well in years.
Trevor May is leading the charge in an area where the Twins haven't performed well in years.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I've been trying to stay positive through these trying times but I will admit that the Twins have been testing my faith. Although most of their games have been close losses, it's still been infuriating to see so many of these games need just a few bounces or a few inches just to swing the other way.

But, there's hope! No, really! If you have made it this far without scrolling straight to the comments to post "FIRE MOLITOR," that means that you haven't completely given up, either. The following is going to demonstrate why there is a reason to remain positive.

Coming into the season, we knew this offense was going to strike out quite a bit. That has happened. They were also supposed to hit plenty of dingers. That hasn't happened yet. Their pitching was also supposed to be a weakness. That has been a mixed bag thus far.

I know, I know, the relief corp has not done their job as they have already blown three saves without successfully converting a single one. But, it may be hard to believe but the Twins actually have an above-average staff right now in terms of ERA. Not only does their 3.79 mark rank in the top half of the league (13th), but it's also above the league average of 4.28 prior to Tuesday's games. That's encouraging when compared to the last five seasons.

Year ERA Rank
2015 4.07 19th
2014 4.58 29th
2013 4.55 29th
2012 4.77 28th
2011 4.60 29th

Also encouraging is that the Twins appear to have finally figured out that strikeouts, while fascist, are still completely legal for pitching staffs to accumulate. You may want to sit down for this. The Twins are not in last place when it comes to pitching strikeouts. They are not second to last. They are 17th with a K/9 of 8.49, just barely topping the league-average rate of 8.48 K/9 this season (again, prior to Tuesday's games). Once more, compare that with the past five seasons.

Year K/9 Rank
2015 6.52 30th
2014 6.47 30th
2013 6.11 30th
2012 5.90 30th
2011 5.95 30th

I know it's early, small sample sizes apply, and it's definitely a fair point if you don't believe that this will continue. But, for at least one week we're being treated to a pretty solid pitching staff again, even if they're not entire sure how to hold a lead. So, the next time you hear someone complain about how bad the Twins have been this first week, you can always retort that the pitching actually hasn't been half-bad.