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MIN 6, LAA 4: Hats Off To 2-9

The Twins get two big blows off veteran sidearmer Joe Smith for a late lead and second victory.

You actually can't surf on turf, Eduardo, even if it's grass.
You actually can't surf on turf, Eduardo, even if it's grass.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This was almost predetermined to be a battle of the bullpens, since it was Jered Weaver's (Jeff's brother) ever-slowing fastball against Ricky Nolasco's . . . whatever Nolasco does or did to keep him in MLB. (Voodoo and food-poisoning opponents, I'm guessing.)

It almost was, as between the two they gave up six runs in 1.5 innings, but Sicky Nolasco (Ricky's brother in food service) finally got Angels players to try the shrimp, and Weaver's fifth-inning substitute, Cory Rasmus (Colby's brother) pitched 10000 innings without a hit (including his crucial K of Oswaldo Arcia, having runners on 2nd/3rd with only one out.)

Arcia, whose first name means "conundrum" in Spanish, homered off Rasmus's replacement Joe Smith in the eighth; Byung-Ho Park immediately followed with a monster dong. I'll see if I can include video of that later, but until then, here's the link. (Even better is less cowbell's fabulous highlight clip in the comments below.)

Kevin Jepsen picked up his second save and the Twins got their second win. Tune in tomorrow at 1:10 for Kyle Gibson (actor Mel's brother, PERHAPS) against Nick Tropeano (an orphan with no family.) Robot Roll Call:

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