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Game 14: Milwaukee Brewers at Minnesota Twins

Game 2 of the series features Wily Peralta for the Brewers and Ervin Santana for the Twins

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 12:10 pm CST
Radio: KTWIN 96.3 FM
Know Thine Enemy: Brew Crew Ball
After winning last night's rain-shortened game, the Twins today look to take their fifth game in a row, today again the Milwaukee Brewers and Wily Peralta. Peralta has had a very rough start this year, with an 0-3 record and 10.13 ERA. He's looking to avoid starting the second season in a row with an 0-4 record. On the mound for the Twins will be Ervin Santana, who is 0-1 with a 3.00 ERA. While his record isn't stellar, he's had quite the lack of run support, getting just 3 runs behind him total in the past two games he's started. Yikes.
Also, let's hope for another #ParkBang. That's always fun.
Your lineups will be posted as soon as they're available.
Minnesota Twins

Eduardo Nunez
Brian Dozier
Joe Mauer
Miguel Sano
Oswaldo Arcia
Byung Ho Park
Eduardo Escobar
John Ryan Murphy
Byron Buxton

Milwaukee Brewers

Colin Walsh
Scooter Gennett
Ryan Braun
Jonathan Lucroy
Chris Carter
Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Jonathan Villar
Ramon Flores
Martin Maldonado
Go Twins!