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Tuesday Twins: People are making fun of us for properly using duct tape

Sometimes life comes at you fast. That's why we have duct tape.
Sometimes life comes at you fast. That's why we have duct tape.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

G' MORNING MATES! Here are the links:

  • Part of the padding on the outfield wall at Target Field came loose last night, and (much to Danny Gladden's delight) someone ran out there with duct tape to fix it. Now people are making fun of us.

  • Trevor Plouffe is day-to-day with a strained rib cage muscle and could end up on the DL soo yeah he's on the DL now.
  • Two seventy-somethings are helping the Twins turn their season around (and don't tell me luck doesn't count for anything).
  • As this cool ESPN article on Max Kepler notes, his batting music is friggin' Souls of Mischief's "'93 'til Infinity" which warms my black little heart until it glows.
  • The Twins are now offering Catholic Mass to all players and staff during Sunday home games this season. Considering the Twins 12th inning walk-off win Sunday, I approve of this new practice.
  • Through the Looking Glass: The English version of The Korean Times reports about the Star Tribune reporting about a cheer for Byung Ho Park from his Korean team, the Nexen Heroes.