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Twins to use "Little Red Corvette" as 7th inning stretch song

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

In the wake of the death of Minnesotan musical icon Prince, the Twins announced they will use "Little Red Corvette" as their 7th inning stretch song for at least the rest of the season. They will still, of course, be singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Like "Sweet Caroline" in Boston, this is the song that comes after "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

The Twins did not have a designated 7th inning stretch song before this, but they have had one at times in the past."Wonderful World," which was Kirby Puckett's favorite song, was used in 2006 following his passing.

The Twins have used "Let's Go Crazy" as their home run song since Target Field opened in 2010. Last year, the team changed their long-time "win" song from U2's "Beautiful Day" to Prince's "Partyman" from the Batman soundtrack.

The team is also planning to use all Prince music for their walk-up songs Monday night and other tributes to honor our beloved Purple One.