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Tigers Maul Twins, 9-2

It was sort of close until it wasn't.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Hughes got roughed up early, the bullpen got roughed up late, and the offense didn't do enough against a pitcher making his first MLB start.  There's no twist ending after this sentence, as the Twins got good and creamed 9-2 by Detroit.

Micheal Fulmer, the Tigers' version of Jose Berrios, did just fine for his first game.  He gave up just two runs in five innings of work, an RBI single from ED and an RBI double from Miguel Sano.  The offense was otherwise quiet.

Meanwhile, Phil Hughes was tagged for three runs right away in the first before getting into some sort of a groove, with a Miggy Cabrera oppo dong being the only other run he surrendered. The bullpen put any notion of a comeback to bed, however, as Casey Fien gave up two solo dongs in the 8th.  Alex Meyer, slated to start Tuesday, didn't do much better, giving up three runs and recording three outs, which is a bad ratio in my opinion.

Maybe they'll do better tomorrow.


  • Sano.  Drilled an RBI double, made a sweet diving catch in right.  That's the end of the Studs portion of this program.


  • Rest of the team.  Not a great game, Bob.


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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.