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Tigers 4, Twins 1: Bad To "D" Bone

Minnesota finishes the month 7-17 with a familiar combination of dead bats and lead gloves.

Needs Glove Potion #9.
Needs Glove Potion #9.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

For seemingly the 888th straight game, the Twins fell behind early and never even threatened much of a rally. Eduardo Nunez booted a ball at third, allowing J.D. Martinez to reach, and with two away Justin Upton whipped out a three-dong. It was one of two Nunez errors. Maybe he'll do better at shortstop when Trevor Plouffe returns next week. Or he needs a looser fielding hat.

Another misstep, or missteps, occurred in the sixth when 3B RF Miguel Sano zagged on a zigging double, but the subsequent insurance run wasn't important. Wisconsin native Jordan Zimmerman treated the Twins lineup the way he's been treating every lineup this season (or the way most pitchers treat the Twins this season.)

At least the guy who can't possibly hope to cope with MLB pitching, Byung Ho Park, tagged Zimmerman for Zimm's first homer of the year and Park's team-leading sixth.

Tyler Duffey only got charged with one earned run (the Sano route was ruled a double, not an error) and actually threw about the same game Zimmerman did. He used his curve (which Gameday identified as a "knuckle curve") often and effectively, usually giving up big contact on slow fastballs. His job's solid for now, I'd think. 6.1 IP, 4 H, 7 SO, 0 BB.

Joe Mauer continues hitting because he hates all of you. Eduardo Escobar had three hits. Sano struck out three times.

Tune in tomorrow for the Reunion Communion -- it's Ricky "Four Years" Nolasco against Mike "Three Years" Pelfrey. Robot Roll Call:

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If you're bored before tomorrow's game, go back and read the GT intro to this one. There's some odd old-time baseball stories in there.