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Welcome to Opening Day 2016

The Minnesota Twins make their season debut this afternoon.

Jeff Haynes/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2016 Minnesota Twins season! It's been a long winter (especially if you still can't get used to random snow days after a week of nice spring weather), but Opening Day is finally upon us. Spring is over, and summer is here. Early. Because that's how we roll in baseball.

Myjah will be checking in with your game thread and recap later today, but also on deck we have Round 16 of our community prospect vote and a season preview for the Baltimore Orioles. Until then, get yourself geared up with a few of our Opening Day-related posts.

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If you're anything like me, today is like Christmas morning - only better. We stared out the window waiting for spring, we tuned into Twins games over lunch at work for the last month, and now, finally, the games matter. Let's kick 2016 off with a win.