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Descriptions of Byung-Ho Park's first MLB home run—via Google Translate

Let's take a look at what the Korean media has to say about Byung-Ho Park's first Major League home run! But since Korean media is in Korean, and we don't know Korean, we're just going to Google Translate all of it.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Korean slugger Byung-Ho Park hit his first Major League home run last night in Kansas City, and it was a 111-mph-exit-velocity, 433-feet-into-the-wind whopper. Behold:

Now that's a sloppy tater!

This is the power we all heard about when Park came to MLB from Korea, where he hit 500 home runs or something like that, and is, unsurprisingly, extremely popular. I knew his popularity in Korea meant there surely must be Korean news reports about his first bang, and I wondered what those news reports said.

Unfortunately, I don't know Korean. Fortunately, however, it's the gosh darn future and we have Google Translate.

You might be thinking, "Yeah, but Google Translations, especially of Asian languages to English, are hardly good translations." And you'd be right—because somehow, strangely, the Google-translated descriptions are even better.

Here's what Korea had to say (according to Google Translate):

Hankooki Sports:

"Park Byung-ho of the big home run record, the true scale"

[South Korea Lee, Jae - Ho Sports News] Homer of Park Byung-ho (30, Minnesota Twins) is far higher, and quickly draw the curves focused kawoopeumeon [Editor's Note: Um, "Kauffman"] Stadium the top floor. How indeed very large extent homer of Park Byung-ho has been great. Look at the record.

It was large enough even hit TV broadcast camera cannot keep falling ball exactly the point. If so, how big the substitute home runs, batting was great. So how quickly ignited flies ball.

Media Pen:

"Home runs, passing aimlessly Central Park Byung-ho followed the fence home run king ... 'prove'"

MBC news:

Kansas City of Park Byung-ho players play in the game as the designated hitter six times with four second-bats. You just hit the ball in Soria. Lap stretch out solo home run pass on the left wall while a reversal solo homer popping in a tight situation. Distance comes a whopping 132m-old super solo home run in the Kawoopeumeon [Editor's Note: Again, "Kauffman"] Stadium, home runs do not come out KBO the Park Byung-ho, showing the power of the home run king. Major League debut hit!


Match after Ned Yost Kansas City coach in an interview with "I heard about last winter, Park Byung-ho power. (Come to the game) was real," said splashed erected a thumb's up.

No Cut News, which focused on media reaction from Minnesota:

美 press "Park Byung-ho, art not overwhelmed ML pitchers'

US media have released a positive evaluation for the 2016 early season success of Park Byung-ho posted launch a major league debut homer. Park Byung-ho slapped an 8-inning solo home run, the ball speed of the right moment the ball bat hour drew 178km, the large arches of the distance of 132m. '1500ESPN' columnist Derek wet mower [Editor's Note: Bwhahahahaha] "Park Byung-ho who unfortunately Minnesota is reversed to allow the eight inning two points (Kansas City closer of) Wade Davis had closed the room to the Twins fought back," he said. Following the wet mower, "plays in Park Byung-ho is showing early is a good sign for Minnesota."

Focus News:

Park Byung-ho (Minnesota Twins) hit the first home run in the United States Major League Baseball game 3 he shook the burden a little..... but is borne by the losing team debut hit was bigger than joy. Minnesota has lost in the opening four-game losing streak this season. It has not yet recorded their first win this season.

Thanks for the reminder.

The Korean Times:

Park Byung-ho ball through the headwind sends away more than 130m showed clearly that even his breakout with major League Baseball's top sluggers not at all incomparable. Park Byung-ho team is a major home run that might be the finish line at the time who trembled from fear to three straight league-class bullpen hit against Soria without regret their true value....

Park Byung-ho has emerged as a ray of hope of falling in Minnesota four-game losing streak since opening the strutting power.


Slugger instinct Park Byung-ho (30, Minnesota) began twitching atmosphere in the United States.


The major league team lose, but he shines in the wind upset the first home run was dark even facial expressions missed the first victory of Park Byung-ho again.

Park Byung-ho is the first homer in an interview with the AP after the game "has a special meaning to me. But the victory of the team," said "to me means that it is somewhat more worried. We need first wins," he revealed the desire for the team to win.

Well, Byung-Ho, hold on to that desire to winand keep strutting power that ignited flies ball, too. *Erects thumbs up*