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KC 7, MIN 0: Forget About Staying Upbeat, Stay Upwind

Or, what happens when a team and its manager go from "pressing" to "panicking."

This creepy home run baseball stuck to the wall. All watching were heavily spooked by it.
This creepy home run baseball stuck to the wall. All watching were heavily spooked by it.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The good news? Glen Perkins finally got into a game! The bad news, it was this game. As Gunnathor said early on in the game thread, "I'm worried that we'll get our first blow out loss before our first win."

Presumably trying the "fire under their butts" approach, manager Paul Molitor sat young prospects Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton to start the game. It didn't help, and they didn't stay on the bench. Buxton replaced Danny Santana, who came up hurting after sprinting for another muchly-mashed Royals wallop; Sano pinch-hit for Rosario in the 7th, just because, why not? (He flew out.) The same reason Eduardo Escobar was told to steal with the Twins down 0-2 in the 5th. Try anything! (He wasn't safe.)

The Twins were down because Tommy Milone, after three sharp innings, gave up a decent-pitch solo dong to Mike Moustakas followed by a batting-tee bomb from Lorenzo Cain:

And it only got worse. One post-Escobar-CS-inning later, the usually-solid shortstop made both fielding and throwing errors, costing two more runs. Casey Fien added more awfultude later, but it wouldn't have mattered if he was Walter Johnson. This game was doomed and broken after that second home run.

Speaking of Johnson, it was mentioned on the radio yesterday and today that 0-4 tied the worst start in Twins franchise history. This is untrue. It matches the 0-4 start by the 1969 Twins (who won their division.) But "franchise" refers to the organization, not the location. (On the Twins website, if you look at all-time history stuff, it includes Senators players.)

The 1904 Senators started 0-13, finishing 38-113. Clearly this season's Twins would have to start trading young talent for the likes of Drew Butera before they could finish that badly. I'm just saying; 0-4 isn't the worst. And neither is 0-5, although it sucks.

The Twins couldn't even score in mop-up time against 69-year-old Chien-Ming Wang, who beat out Brian Duensing for the last Royals bullpen slot. No love for Brian, guys? No taste for a dish of cold revenge?

Anyhoo. Per Rhett Bollinger, Santana has a hamstring injury. No word yet if he'll need to go on the DL. (Update thanks to Shortbus101: Santana on the DL, Max Kepler called up.)

Catch Tricky Ricky tomorrow against Royals #1 starter Ednison Volquez. Robot Roll Call:

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