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All good things...

Yes. That is a reference to the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Ten years is a long time, in any context. A decade ago I was 25, working at ING in downtown Minneapolis and Chili's in Roseville, and pretty clueless. Just in general. Most days now I think I have my ducks in a row. Most days.

Change still happens. Over the last ten years Twinkie Town has been my constant. Different jobs, different cities, different relationships, different countries: always Twinkie Town. For the Twins, for baseball itself, for all of you, for my love of writing, this website and this community was always there. When I was the furthest away from home, as a good chunk of the last eight  years has been spent overseas, this place was my tether.

That time has come to an end. Sometimes you can see the change coming and sometimes change is thrust upon you, and this is a bit of both. After giving so much of my time to this community for so long, in recent months it's become clear that for personal and professional reasons I just don't have the time to commit to you that you deserve.

This wasn't an easy decision by any means, but the good news - for all of you and for me - is that this change is for the better. I'm happy to tell you that Myjah will be your new commander-in-chief. She's the most passionate Twins fan I know, and I can't think of anyone better suited for the role and for taking Twinkie Town to wherever it goes next. You're in the best of hands.

These last few weeks have been so much fun. For ten years every ounce of baseball I consumed was done so through the lens of this website: How can what I just watched be leveraged for content? Are the game threads up? Did anyone write a recap? How quickly can I get home to post the latest roster move? Can I find someone else to write about it? What does this roster move mean? What events are coming up and how should we cover it? How much subbing needs to be done? Who  can I recruit to help us out? Am I subtracting six correctly to  get the right time in Minnesota? It's been nice to just be a guy who loves baseball for a few weeks. But now the batteries are recharged, and new opportunities await.

I'll still contribute here from time to time, but most of my Twins-based work can be found at Twins Daily. I've begun to contribute there already, and tomorrow I'll have a feature up on Nick Gordon after speaking with him last week. It's good to work with John again, considering we go back to the Twins Territory community days. There's also a league-wide baseball writing role on the horizon, which is exciting and something I'll disclose in due course.

Whenever people would refer to Twinkie Town as my website, I would always make an effort to correct them: it's not my website. It's ours. I always knew that whenever I moved on, the community would continue to thrive. No one is better equipped to drive this bus than Myjah.

It has been an absolute pleasure and my honor. I'll see you around.