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How the 2016 Twins currently rank against the worst teams of all time

The 2016 Twins are shaping up to be a truly historic team—but just how historic?

When it rains, it pours.
When it rains, it pours.
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I had high hopes for the Twins before the season started. I really did. Then the season actually started, and reality set in. This Twins team is not good, folks, but I think you already knew that.

Sometimes in the midst of a seven-game losing streak , however, one can lose a realistic perspective on just how bad or not so bad your team is in the scheme of history. To put some perspective on this, I examined some of those best worst teams ever, and how the Twins currently stack up.

So here's the 2016 Minnesota Twins versus...

The 1982 Minnesota Twins

Record Through 33 Games: 11-22
Final Season Record: 60-102

The 1982 Twins were the worst team in Twins season history. Keyword: were. At 33 games through the season, the 2016 Twins are three games behind the 1982 team. So in a way, we're number one.

The 2003 Detroit Tigers

Record Through 33 Games: 7-26
Final Season Record: 43-119

This one really hits it home. I remember watching this team, and just how horrendously bad they were. In fact, I could never bring myself to hate the Tigers, even when they were the Twins' rivals in the later part of the '00s and early '10s, just because of how so very bad this Tigers team was. Heck, I still feel sorry for them, at least a little.

The 2016 Twins team is currently worse than the 2003 Tigers were through 33 games. And no, I do not care about how math works.

The 1962 New York Mets

Record Through 33 Games: 12-21
Final Season Record: 40-120

When people want to talk bad teams, they bring up the 1962 New York Mets. This team was bad. In fact, this team is cherished because it was so bad, yet so wildly popular. The 1962 Mets out-drew the Yankees that year in terms of attendance, reason being it was the Mets first year of existence and all of the old, distraught New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers fans would never let them go. Even, apparently, if they lost 120 games. The fans loved that team.

Through 33 games? The 2016 Twins are four games behind where the 1962 Mets were. Let that one sink in.

The 1904 Washington Senators

Record Through 33 Games: 6-25
Final Season Record: 41-110

The 1904 Washington Senators mark the worst baseball team in Twins franchise history (as the Twins used to be the Senators, as I'm sure you're aware). At 33 games, they held a record of 6-25. You might be thinking, "Hey, myjah, 6+25 is 31, not 33, you idiot!" Well, my friend, that's because back in 1904 MLB used to have tie games that counted for neither  win nor loss. It sounds stupid, yes, but at this point it might be the only think keeping the 2016 Twins from being the worst team in franchise history.

I'll take it.

The 1899 Cleveland Spiders

Record Through 33 Games: 8-25
Final Season Record: 20-134

Okay, so obviously this is an ancient team that pre-dates MLB, but when people really want to bring up bad teams, and the 1962 Mets aren't enough, this is where they land. For god's sake, this team only won 20 games. Sure, the season wasn't as long then, but still. 20 games.

The Cleveland Spiders had a record of 8-25 through their first 33 games. Guess who else has a record of 8-25 through their first 33 games?

Congratulations, 2016 Twins—you're on par with the Cleveland Spiders.